Instead of calling an expert towing company, if you’ve got a trailer or a truck, you might be tempted to tow your own car if it breaks down. Unluckily, towing a vehicle is not as easy as it might appear. There are a couple of risks and challenges involved with DIY towing. Oftentimes, these challenges make your DIY project not well-worth.  

If you’ve got a car that needs towing, here are a couple of reasons why you need to leave the job to a professional towing Jersey City company. 

You Will Save Money 

Most people tow their own vehicles because they don’t want to spend money on a towing company. However, the truth is that you may end up wasting more money than you would if you hired an expert towing company. The costs will greatly exceed the price of an expert towing if you cause damage to your car or someone else’s while towing. In addition to that, you will probably make an error on the road that can lead to costly tickets. In case of an injury, when it comes to medical bills, things are even more severe. Because of this, your best bet is to leave the job to the experts. This will help you save a lot of money.  

You Are Not Experienced 

Towing a car is a completely different job. It does not matter if you think you’ve got the best driving ability out there. An expert towing company will have the driving style and experience that’s best for safe towing. A couple of examples include preventing impulsive acceleration and braking, precisely measuring the length of a trailer, and keeping a constant speed. You are risking the safety of both you and your car if you try to tow your car without the correct experience and skills.  

Capacity of Towing 

During a DIY tow, surpassing the towing capacity of your car is another mistake you can make. You can blow out the transmission whenever you try to tow a car that your truck cannot handle. An expert towing company will have trucks that are specifically made for towing. These trucks can handle heavy loads. Also, these professionals have the experience needed to figure out what type of tow truck will be needed for a particular task. You can end up needing a tow truck for your car if you surpass the maximum capacity of towing.  

Wrong Tools 

Aside from a pickup truck and a flatbed, there are a couple of other tools that you’ll need to efficiently and safely tow a car. An expert towing company will utilize tow trucks that have the right lifting and rigging tools that regular individuals usually do not have. Low-quality tools have higher chances of failing. This can cause severe car damage or injury. In addition to that, various cars need various forms of towing tools and a lot of them need more complicated systems. Your basic chain and hook tow truck will certainly not be enough to tow your car.