A driveway in a bad condition can be extremely unappealing to look at. It can lower the curb appeal of your home since it is the first thing people see when they pass by your house. Furthermore, the damage to your driveway will only worsen over time if you choose to ignore it.  

When you finally decide to replace or repair your driveway, it’s best to schedule the project at the right time of the year. It can be an expensive mistake to do it at the wrong time.  

Professionals recommend you conduct driveway repair or driveway replacement in Plano TX during the late spring or summer months. Here are several reasons why: 

Emergency Repairs 

There are times you will need emergency repairs. Deep cracks, severe potholes, and other indications of major structural failure let you know it’s time to hire a professional driveway company for help.  

Though there is an appropriate time to fix your driveway, you should repair emergency issues right away. It does not matter if it is during winter or fall.  


Rain, cold temperature, and other weather elements can affect your new driveway. Because of this, it is ideal to consider precipitation. That is why it is best that you should know the weather condition before you install a new driveway.  

You can fix your driveway if there is a bit of light rain. On the other hand, heavy rain will greatly influence the cooling of the asphalt. It can even result in water damage.  


The type of project you’re planning to do will help figure out the right temperature you will have to work with. For instance, you need to have a ground temperature of at least 5 degrees before installing the base layer if you’re planning to install or replace the driveway. On the other hand, the upper layer needs to be at least 10 degrees.  

These are the minimum required temperatures. That is why professionals recommend working in summer or late springs to have the best results.  

Season of the Year 

In general, you can transport hot asphalt to your house in a heated truck. They will maintain the asphalt in a liquid state, making it easy to pour.  

If the weather is warm, asphalt will be easy to pour, spread, and level out evenly. Once it cools down, it will offer your driveway a durable and strong surface.  

If the weather is cold, the temperature of asphalt can rapidly drop inside the truck. If you pour cold asphalt, it can result in an uneven finish. The truth is that asphalt can harden before the job is finished. You’ll end up wasting money and time if this happens.  

If the asphalt cools down rapidly when you pour it, you might end up with a driveway that looks uneven and rough. The underlying structure of the driveway might be damaged as well due to an influx of water.  

That is why if you’re planning to fix or replace your driveway, you should do it during the warm season.