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Principal's Corner

Yokibu has been introduced through the school and we are now sending  important information through it to all the parents. BTW this does not include information about the students or their performance or home work. This is because we believe that students must be trained to ultimately fend for themselves and learn to listen and pay attention in the class rather than loading that responsibility on the (sometimes willing) parents. I assure you it will work in the long run.


We have just witnessed the mass PT by the 6th, 7th and 8th stds. It certainly was a treat.


Thanks once again to the batch of 87 for having installed solar panels. A part of the school - is now being lit by solar energy - has reduced the electricity bill. In the long run we are hoping that this Green Initiative will be sustained and enhanced by the other batches so that finally the whole school will be solar powered. We certainly will be a beacon for the others to follow.


We also have a complete fire fighting system in place with huge water tanks to supplement our own tanks - Ironically I hope we will never have to use it - (we are using the water jets to wash the classrooms!!!! And water the grounds -useful albeit an expensive way to do that !!!)


The canteen contractor now serves momos and wotons - do come and try them.

More later.


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