Due to coronavirus, a lot of people are now being informed regarding how rapidly a virus could spread. Statistics show that the COVID-19 doubles per four days. Since the vaccine is still not found yet, all of us are opting for isolation and social distancing as a means of first defense to prevent acquiring and spreading the virus. Hence, it would only be reasonable for you to make sure that the place you’re living in us protected. Consider a few devices and surfaces you utilize daily for you and your fellow household members to handle and share. Here are some areas of your home that are prone to thriving bacteria and some tips to effectively keep your home clean, especially during this pandemic:


The toilet button is one of the buttons that need to be cleaned all the time. When your toilet has more than 1 user and no washbasin, you might need to come up with a collective plan regarding how to utilize the toilet to be protected against possible health dangers.


The most common surfaces that homeowners know include the tabletops and bench. However, did you know that the most utilized surface you have in your home is your floor? You might need to think about taking off your shoes as you enter your home. After all, if there’s a part of our bodies that are always in contact with something is our feet.


Handles are utilized by everyone in a household. Keep in mind that the handles of your toilet door are the least safe handle you have in your house. Hence, make sure to always disinfect it properly to prevent bacteria from propagating.

Light switches

Each room has a light switch that’s utilized daily. Someone utilizes the toilet that doesn’t have a basin to wash. When it’s dark, a bathroom user switches on the light then do their business. Before they wash their hands, the user will leave and turn off the light. You might switch on the light to watch the television and then pick up the remote. When there are bacteria in your house, you’ll be able to observe how simple and fast it is to transfer bacteria from one item to another.

Shared remote controls

Almost all households have them. In a regular house, there will be remote controls intended for the stereo, telephone, air conditioning, TV, and so on. If you have shared remote controls, make sure to regularly wipe them clean.

Below are the most important items before cleaning the mentioned items above:

  • Utility belt
  • Hand duster
  • Detail brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • All-purpose cleaner spray

Disinfecting wipes

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